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My name is Tom Simmons. I have had Morgan horses since 1963. I have trained almost any breed you can think of. I have had a good amount of success. I have written articles for Western Horseman, The Morgan Horse, and The Carriage Journal. In the 47 years that I have worked horses, I have seen a lot. I would like to share with you some of my experiences, opinions and memories. Please feel free to email your thoughts. I will try to address them. Tom

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Quite often, when I talk about horses on this blog I am talking about Morgans. Most of the responses that I get come from people with other breeds. But the things that I talk about could apply to any breed. Today I am going to talk about Morgans again.

There is a movement by some Morgan people to start a foundation registry. It sounds like a good idea, but when I look at it closer I am not so sure. As I understand it, horses with proper breeding, meaning horses from certain families will be accepted into the registry. The problem I have with this is that horses are being accepted on the merit of their papers. These animals may be of poor type and conformation, and may have a poor way of going. So I don’t see how they are going to improve the breed. A good Upwey Ben Don horse is better than a poor J.K. horse in my opinion. How are you going to improve the breed by breeding poor conformation, type and way of going to poor conformation, type and way of going, just because they are from an acceptable family. I personally don’t think all of the families are acceptable. There are families in that acceptable group that I want nothing to do with. This opinion comes from 40 years of training all of these families. At least show horse people want performance.