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My name is Tom Simmons. I have had Morgan horses since 1963. I have trained almost any breed you can think of. I have had a good amount of success. I have written articles for Western Horseman, The Morgan Horse, and The Carriage Journal. In the 47 years that I have worked horses, I have seen a lot. I would like to share with you some of my experiences, opinions and memories. Please feel free to email your thoughts. I will try to address them. Tom

Location: North Carolina

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

QH Mare

Today I took my or should I say my daughter Tori's mare to be bred. Tori is only 5 but we bought her a young Q.H. mare. I have had Morgans for what seems to be forever. But we decided that when she got old enough to do serious showing we wanted her to show quarter horses. With a quarter horse she can do High School rodeo and go to a college that will have a good equestrian team as well as having a good scholastic program.

Tori is young and not quite ready for this. So I bought her this young mare with the idea of breeding her and hopefully breeding her offspring, if it is a filly, when it is old enough. I like breeding horses so this is very exciting to me. This is a very pretty filly with pretty good breeding. We hope to improve her and her offspring by breeding to top bred and performance horses. Today I took her to a grandson of old King P234. He is 28 years old and still pasture breeding. While looking for a stallion to breed to this mare I found a world of good QH stallions for $500 and less. I think a breed is made stronger by reasonable stud fees. The QH registry registers 103,000 foals a year while our Morgan registry registers less than 3000. Part of it could be the reasonable stud fees.